About us

About Skaggs Island

Founded in 2019 Skaggs-island.org is newly produced blog web. It is produced and Developed by Mick Harris.

Skaggs Island covers the Neuroscience News, Health Tips, Healing in emergency and provide the content as per current neuroscience situation. Skaggs Island main focus is on posting the heath benefits Cannabis medication and how can a epilepsy effective person can recover from the newly effective medication. Basically it provides the whole world neuroscience information and knowledge base content to its watchers.

About Mick

By profession i am developer and i love web.The reason why i chosen the neuroscience topic it is just because i had been suffering from epilepsy and bad neuro health condition but as the time passed i got recover by using the cannabis medication. I want to tell those who are currently been suffering from this disease So, It can be a great hub for those who want to get treatment also i have contact with some of the neuro doctors whenever, you get an emergency contact us using contact page. Our expert try their best provide the quick solution for you.